Correct Way To Measure For Your Wig

To ensure that your lace wig fits well when you obtain it, it’s very important to have correct measurements. When purchasing a lace wig, specifically a custom one, one of the most important things is to understand how to take accurate measurements of your scalp. You need to have right measurements to ensure it isn’t too snug or even worse, too loose.

Preparing your hair is very important. In this light, for your hair it is always recommended that you style it as you would want it while under the wig when it is being worn. Hence you would love to either put it in a flat and tight ponytail wrapped backwards, put it into a braided flat cap, or braid it straight back into flat cornrows along the scalp. Hence, you would need to do this in order to get results for your measurements. So, before you take your measurement of your lace wig, it is vital you get your hair as flat and tight as possible as you can. In this way the contours of your hair won’t be distorted by bulging hair.

However, there are instances this will be a little different if your hair is less than three inches long or you don’t have any hair. When you hair is either wet or flat on the scalp you can take your measurements. Firstly, apply a wig cap to further flatten your hair, or you might simply take measurement directly on your scalp. Press firmly on your scalp and measure where your hairline is or the precise location you want your lace wig to be made.

Firstly, measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure around your hairline. Hence, this measures the gap round your head. starting on the center of the front hairline, place the tape flat in opposition to your head, going just above the ear towards the back of the head, keeping the tape at the nape of your neck and pass around to the opposite facet of your head, just above the opposite ear and returning to the center of the front hairline. In this light, your lace frontal would be of best fit once this is properly done.

Furthermore, measure your front nape to the other nape. This measures the length of your head from the front to the back of your neck. To determine where the back of your neck is, tilt your head back and look up, thus, where your neck bends and may even develop a skin fold, is where your nape is. You need the bottom of the wig to sit down right above this position in order that whilst you do tilt your head lower back that a long way, your wig will not shift on your head. This area is regularly right at the occipital bone, but it is important to be sure to take the size along with your neck bent down so that you are looking at your footwear. Starting at the front hairline, measure directly across the center part of your head to the location that you have decided is your nape. Hence, your lace wig would just sit right.

More to that, measure from temple to temple and ear to ear across forehead temple to temple across front: This measures your temple to temple length for tape tab placement. Also, place tape at your temple, simply in front of your ear, convey tape up toward the top of the head and pass 1.5 inch in the back of the front hairline, down to the alternative temple in front of the other ear.

Equally important, measure from ear to ear over top of head. This measures your head for the top of the wig base, you can further place tape against your head on the top edge of your ear and go directly across the top of your head to the top edge of the opposite ear.

In the same light, it is important to measure from temple to temple across the back of head. In order to do this, to get the best fit for your wig, place tape against your head at the front fringe of the hairline at the front of the ear, around the top above the occipital bone to the other front edge of the hairline. This further makes your lace frontal having the best measurement.

In addition to that, measuring the back of your neck is very vital to come up with a good wig measurement. Hence, measures the width of your neck, place tape at the lowest part at the bone behind your ear and measure across the neck to the other mastoid bone. Once done correctly, rests assure you would have the best lace wig for your head.

Above all, standards and average measurements are always available. The standard and average lace wig sizes can serve as a guide in which your head measurement falls. Keep in mind; your measurements do not need to be the exact for the wig to fit. If your measurements are within .5 of an inch, normally the lace wig will suit simply just fine. Thus the measurements below are an average size for all.

Small: 20″ to 21.5″ circumference, (13.5-14″), 12″, 12.5″, 14.5″, 5″

Medium: 22″ to 22.5″circumference, 14″, (12.5-13″), 13″, 15.5″, (5.5″-6″)

Large: 23″ to 24.5″circumference, (15.5-16″), 13″, 13.5″, 16.5″, (6.5-7″)

Summarily, it is very important and efficient that you make sure that your measurement is accurate. Your lace wig might not fit if it is not properly measured. So it is best to take your measurements about two or three times to make sure it is accurate.

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