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Virgin hair has become very popular in the world today with more women finding interest in natural extensions despite the higher prices compared to synthetic hair. Virgin hair is the preferred choice because they tangle and shed less and retain that natural quality when worn. However, if the extension is well fixed, it is actually very hard for others to tell that you are wearing an artificial virgin hair. This is among the top reasons why virgin hairs are the most desirable for most women. Popular types of virgin hairs include virgin Brazilian hair, virgin Malaysian hair, virgin Indian hair, and virgin Peruvian hair.

In this article, we are going to discuss on the most popular virgin hairs in the world its outstanding beauty.

Virgin Brazilian hair is one of the most popular virgin hair types in the world. It has a soft feel, durability and thickness which make the virgin Brazilian hair a guaranteed beauty. Also, it’s not sourced from temples which make the hair tough to come by. That scarcity drives the price up and makes this one of the most expensive forms of virgin hair to have. Virgin Brazilian hair is also often really Indian hair extensions that are being passed off as Brazilian. The texture of the virgin Brazilian hair blends nicely with all sorts of ethnicities from Caucasian to African American and will give a complete beauty appearance instantly out of the package. With a low to medium luster and natural density, virgin Brazilian hair will require much less bundles to create a full appearance. Virgin Brazilian hair holds a curl longer than Indian and Malaysian hair. An amazingly beautiful choice of virgin hair.

Furthermore, the next most popular type and choice of virgin hair is the virgin Malaysian hair. It is an outstanding and popular virgin hair and it has become a hit among celebrities. Have you ever noticed that highly-priced and glossy appearance of the celebs? In many instances, that’s Malaysian hair at its high-quality. Just like virgin Brazilian hair, the luster and shine of virgin Malaysian hair is clear but now not too smooth and oily. It is the first rate for holding curls. Virgin Malaysian hair can maintain curly and wavy styles without the need for added products. There are different color types like black, darkish and light colors. Also, the virgin Malaysian hair blends beautifully with African American hair. Since it’s more and rare and growing in popularity, women should expect to pay a bit extra for this amazing stunning hair. Given its versatility, luster and popularity, virgin Malaysian hair really merits its place on the listing of first-class virgin hairs in the world.

In the same light, virgin Indian hair is one of the most common and popular available virgin hair types in the market today. On account that India has an enormous population, with a large wide variety of women who donate their hair for spiritual purposes regularly, India produces most of the world’s first-class virgin hair extensions. Virgin Indian hair has a totally great density and has a light bouncy feel to it. This makes it smooth to twist and style. With textures ranging from silky to coarse, virgin Indian hair is a high-quality choice if you want hair that is versatile and flexible when it comes to styling. An extraordinary fit for all hair types, virgin Indian hair is a regular contender for the first-class virgin hair available today. Virgin Indian hair is a popular desire because its texture and color are without difficulty matched to many ethnicites, specifically cozy African American virgin hair. Although it can come to be frizzy in moist temperature, first-class virgin Indian hair could be able to keep its silky texture for months if nicely handled.

More to that, another awesome and popular virgin hair is the Peruvian virgin hair. It is one of the softest and lightweight varieties of extensions you can find in the beauty market. The light weight nature makes it possible for women to have as many bundles as they wish to, in order to achieve that beautiful look. With the virgin Peruvian hair, you can actually wear up to five bundles of this hair and still get comfortable as it would be the case with any other.

Additionally, virgin Peruvian hair is coarser in texture and also a little thick. The luster of the virgin Peruvian hair varies from low to medium, but it is extremely beautiful and its softness makes it very easy to manage and maintain. The virgin Peruvian hair is unique like any other virgin hair in that it is not treated or processed with any type of chemical and the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction, making styling and curling an easy thing to do for women. All in all, the virgin Peruvian hair is one of the most popular types of virgin hairs for women today.

Virgin Peruvian hair is a multipurpose extension; it easily blends with relaxed African-American textures. It also works well with medium Caucasian hair textures. You can achieve any look with the virgin Peruvian hair.

Therefore, if you love virgin hair, the above popular virgin hair types are the best and highly recommended quality virgin hair to give you that stunning look you desire.

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